Real estate management in Spain.

At Vivanka, we offer advising and management of exclusive investments in real estate and other assets orientated towards maximising the profitability and sustainability of our client’s acquisitions.



Offices, hotels, wineries, restaurants, and shopping centres of the highest quality in the business centres of major Spanish cities.


Identification of investment opportunities in Spain: plots for logistics or industrial use, public car parks, warehouses, historic buildings, residential buildings, establishments, exclusive real estate assets.

Real estate

Exclusive, luxury real estate for individuals and investors: stately villas, designer lofts, penthouses in exclusive areas, luxury residences, mansions, residences, castles.

Expert advising throughout the entire process

Our team of experts will be by your side throughout the entire process, prioritising your interests:

Analysis of changes in the Spanish real estate market

Up-to-date information on investments and market trends to guarantee that our clients’ operations are highly profitable and safe.

Investment strategy and selection of investment opportunities

Investment strategy aligned with each client's interests and profitability objectives. Identification and selection of investment opportunities with a viability study on the operation.

Evaluation and verification of the suitability of the real estate

Analysis of the legal, financial, technical, and commercial aspects of each operation. Identification of risk factors and proposal of solutions/safeguards to ensure each operation.

Advising on the negotiation

Advising on the evaluation and determination of the financial offer and assistance in formalising transactions (search for financing—investor pools, joint ventures—, drafting of documentation prior to the acquisition—contracts, methods of payment, etc.).

What we offer you

Personalised advising
High returns
Maximum transparency
Financial management of your real estate investment
Safe investments
The best value for money
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Experts in advising and managing high-level
real estate investment.

Services for international investors

At Vivanka, we are a leaders in real estate transactions between Spain and China. We offer our international clients expert advising on all financial, legal, and fiscal aspects for making high-profit investments.


Golden Visa

Permission to visit and reside in Spain with free movement to the 26 countries of the EU (Schengen Space) for investments of over €500,000. At Vivanka, we can help you select profitable investments and carry out all administrative procedures.

Investment tourism

Personalised selection of activities and luxury investment opportunities in Spain. Exclusive service for international investors that allows them to get to know the Spanish real estate market, learn about the economic context, and evaluate bespoke real estate investments.

What we offer you

Personalised service in your language
Residency permit in Spain
Access to the European market
Profitable investments
Professional management
Experts in international operations
Contact us and we will provide you with no-obligation information.

Experts in advising and managing high-level
real estate investment